Therapeutic Massage

Relaxing Massage - £60 per session (usually 60min)

Mixing different massage techniques such as Swedish and Deep Tissue.

It includes Head and full body massage.



Sport Massage - £60 per session (usually 60min)

Sport massage is usually used for athletes:

-Before the event, which focuses on warming up the major muscles so that they become loose and flexible.

-After the event, which focuses on pain reduction or muscle spasms and relaxation.


A basic part of sport massage is that it can both prevent sport injuries and also assist in their recovery.

Sport massage is also suitable for those who prefer stronger manipulation.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage - £60 per session (usually 60min)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage which has powerful cleansing , pain relieving , relaxing and 

immune - boosting effects and it can be applied to many pathologies to great effect.


MLD is used in particular to promote the optimal function of the lymphatic vessels leading into the circulatory system.

It facilitates the removal of metabolic waste, fluid retention, toxins, bacteria, protein molecules and foreign substances from tissue through the initial lymph vessels and venous capillaries.


It is most commonly used for :

-colds or flu

-glandular fever or chronic fatigue syndrome


-problems in sinuses


-reduction of puffiness or swelling in areas like legs , ankles , eyes  

-stress , anxiety , tension

-acne and other skin conditions

-people with low energy

-weakened immune system

Thai massage is part of the ancient Thai medicine, and it takes its cue from the ancient martial arts of the Far East.

Thai massage is based on stretching parts of the body and it is focuses on relaxing the patient, calming the mind and

nourishing the body's energy.


Thai massage is most commonly used for :

Table Thai Massage - £60 per session (usually 60min)

-relaxation for those who carry a lot of tension

-improving systemic circulation

-people with big muscles that make conventional  massage difficult                                                                                 


-prevention of illnesses and alleviation of degenerative diseases

-slowing the aging process

-improving respiratory function, relaxing the thorax for ease of   movement

* People with skeletal problems or weaknesses should notify the practitioner before the session.

Tui Na Chinese massage is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it is used for thousands of years in China as medicinal massage technique. It focuses on stimulation of certain acupoints and manipulation of the muscles.


As it is part of TCM, a diagnosis must be made before the treatment in order to tailor the treatment according to the patient's condition, thereby making the treatment more effective.


Tui Na massage is commonly used for :

Chinese Tui Na Massage - £60 per session (usually 60min)

-General relaxation of muscles and tendons

-Neurological diseases

-Cosmetic uses


-Lower Back Pain / Sciatica                                                               

-Promoting blood circulation

-Gynaecological problems

-Weight loss

-Frozen shoulder / Stiff neck

-Treating and restoring injured soft tissues and promoting their  recovery and renovation

and other diseases as Depression , Insomnia , Poor memory , Headaches , Migraines and many more...



For ALL massage essential oils may be used, which they are mixed at the time of treatment according to the needs of each individual.