''Ody has helped me so much with his treatments. My feet have been restored to the way they were years ago! If I hadn't taken the plunge and tried it, I would never have believed that it could be so effective.''


Joanna - arthritis and post breast cancer  

''I had chronic shoulder pain and I wasn't sure if Acupuncture would help, but after the treatment I didnt feel that pain again and I can go to work without the constant pain. I could hardly believe it, but now I'm converted!''


Emmanuel - shoulder pain 

''I went to see a neurologist and countless Doctors but they couldn't figure out why my eyesight was so bad. They said that my optic nerve could have been damaged but they were not sure. Then I decided to try Acupuncture and it seems that it has worked. After the first session I could already see a lot more clearly and after the third session my eyesight was restored. Amazing. 


Aris - Vision problem

''I have straightning of the neck and serious backpain. Ody made me feel better with his treatments and I can even go to work now without pain. His massage is the best I ever had and I'm glad that I met him.''


Thomais - backpain and neck problem 

‘’My immune system was very weak and I was getting ill very often.

I was desperate, until Ody prescribed me an excellent herbal formula and literally I got healthy again.’’

Vassiliki - Common cold

''Christos and Constantine, my twins, 6 years old, had severe respiratory problems and occasionally had to take cortisone.

I approached Ody, who prescribed a special herbal formula. It cured the respiratory problems and simultaneously strengthened their immune system.''

Mary (Mother) 

‘’I suffer from a chronic syndrome called Raynaud's. Through specific and regular therapy sessions with Odysseas, I saw a significant improvement in my condition and my overall health.’’

Evelyn - Raynaud's syndrome

‘’I had severe headaches for years! I approached Odysseas after I had tried everything to cure my problem. With special herbal formulas in combination with acupuncture sessions it was like my head had completely relaxed and I was free of pain.

Mary - severe headaches