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A simple way to prevent the common cold and flu by boosting you immune system.

It's Autumn and at this time of the year the common cold and flu are making a regular appearance in people's lives.

On a night out with friends the mistake of thinking ''its still hot weather'' can all too often harbour the possibility of catching a cold and spending the next week in the company of a box of tissues.

But fear not! There is something that could help to limit these possibilities. The Traditional Chinese formula ''Yu Ping Feng San'' helps to boost the immune system and strengthen the body, so next time the cold will not catch you so easily!

But let's see what's in this formula. Yu Ping Feng San was originally prescribed by Zhu Zhen-Heng in 1481 and combines just 3 herbs : Huang Qi (Radix Astragali), Bai Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae) and Fang Feng (Radix Saposhnikoviae) (the pharmacological effects of which are described below).

The idea behind the formula is to decrease the patient's susceptibility to invasion by exterior pathogens due to their deficiency of ''wei qi'' (protective ''qi'' or the immune system). The ''wei qi'' exists at the body's exterior and regulates skin pores, protecting the body from invasion by pathogenic factors such as wind, cold and dampness. That's why if the ''wei qi'' becomes weaker, the body fluids may leak out of the body through the open skin pores. In this weather, these pathogenic factors are in abundance and can invade from the outside, causing cold or flu symptoms. Taking Yu Ping Feng San formula is a preventative measure to stop these invaders.

Some pharmacological effects showed the following:

1.Immunostimulant: Administration of Yu Ping Feng San has been associated with increased immunity. According to one study, the use of this formula increased IgG and IgA in mice.4 Another study reported that the use of this formula for 2 to 3 months increased NK cell count and activities.

2.Antiviral: According to one in vitro study, Yu Ping Feng San has demonstrated inhibition on the replication of influenza A viruses.

3.Nephroprotective: According to one study, administration of Yu Ping Feng San in rabbits was associated with marked reduction of creatinine in comparison with the control group which did not receive any herbs. Yu Ping Feng San, however, did not have any statistically-significant effect on proteinuria in the same subjects.

That's why this simple formula is so good specially this period of time. You can simply find and decoct these herbs and drink them daily them as a tea for just a month or you can just let us know and we will provide them to you in a reasonable price.

But just remember that the best way to avoid the flu or the common cold is prevention.


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